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Vantage Technologies @ Digital Health Rewired

Venue: NEC Birmingham


Digital Health Rewired, held annually at the NEC Birmingham, brings together healthcare innovators, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts dedicated to advancing healthcare through technology. Vantage Technologies, a key player in this revolution, aimed to showcase their software solutions and stand out amongst the crowd at this year's event. The booth incorporated an InstaLight backlit LED counter for maximum impact.

Previously utilising a standard shell scheme stand, Vantage Technologies sought a more creative and impactful exhibition stand design. Instant Exhibitions rose to the challenge, crafting a custom booth that perfectly embodied Vantage Technologies' brand.

Standout Features:

  1. Storage: A discreet storage room was incorporated into the design, ensuring a clutter-free exhibitor space and maintaining easy access to promotional materials and equipment.
  2. Powered Collaboration: A built-in table with integrated power sockets fostered a collaborative atmosphere, allowing attendees to comfortably connect their devices and engage with Vantage Technologies' representatives.
  3. Dual Displays: Two strategically placed 40-inch TVs displayed captivating demos and presentations, effectively grabbing attention and showcasing Vantage Technologies' capabilities in the digital health realm.
  4. Vibrant SEG Graphics: High-quality SEG fabric graphics were used to create a visually appealing and seamless presentation that resonated with Vantage Technologies' brand identity.
  5. Sustainable Statement: A custom-built planter with vinyl graphic incorporated a touch of greenery, subtly hinting at Vantage Technologies' commitment to responsible practices within the healthcare industry.


Vantage Technologies' exhibition stand at Digital Health Rewired exemplified a successful blend of functionality and creativity. By departing from a standard shell scheme booth, Vantage Technologies secured a space that not only attracted attention but also facilitated more meaningful interactions with potential partners and clients.

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