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Tencent | IRCA Robotics

Venue: NEC Birmingham


Tencent Robotics, a leading name in the high-tech robotics industry, aimed to showcase their innovative solutions and engage attendees at the IRCA Robotics Show held at the NEC Birmingham. To achieve this, they partnered with Instant Exhibitions to design a functional and impactful exhibition stand that aligned perfectly with their goals.

The Challenge

Tencent Robotics opted for our Classic 3m x 6m rental package. This pre-designed solution provided a cost-effective foundation while allowing for customisation to suit their specific needs. Key elements incorporated into the stand design included:

  1. Storage Room: A dedicated storage room was integrated seamlessly into the design, ensuring easy access to promotional materials and equipment while maintaining a clutter-free exhibition stand space.
  2. Dual TV Displays: Two strategically placed flat-screen TVs served as the focal point for showcasing Tencent Robotics' capabilities. Eye-catching promotional videos and presentations would effectively captivate the audience and highlight the company's advancements in robotics.
  3. Open Demonstration Area: Recognising the importance of live demonstrations, the stand design incorporated a spacious open area in the centre. This allowed Tencent Robotics to freely showcase their robots in action, directly engaging potential customers and fostering meaningful interactions.


By selecting a functional exhibition stand with key customised elements, Tencent Robotics effectively maximised their presence and impact at the IRCA Robotics Show. The combination of a dedicated storage room, captivating TV displays, and a spacious demonstration area allowed them to not only showcase their innovative robotics solutions but also directly engage with attendees, solidifying their position as a frontrunner in the field.

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