Runners World Booth Runners World Booth

Runners World

Venue: NEC Birmingham


Runners World, a leading fitness and lifestyle brand, sought to make a significant impact at the NEC Birmingham while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Embracing eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions, Runners World opted for a 4m x 4m shell scheme booth to showcase its offerings at the event.

The Challenge

Prioritising both budget and environmental consciousness, Runners World opted for a 4m x 4m shell scheme solution. This cost-effective option utilised an eco-friendly, reusable modular framework. This innovative approach not only reduced waste but also allowed for the stand to be reconfigured and reused for future events, minimising environmental impact.

Key Features

  1. Sustainable Framework: The core structure of the stand was built using eco-friendly, reusable modular profiles. This commitment to sustainability aligned perfectly with Runner World's brand values and resonated with environmentally conscious attendees.
  2. Customisable Design: The modular framework offered the flexibility to adapt the stand layout for future events, ensuring continued value and maximising return on investment.
  3. Seamless Graphics: High-quality, custom graphics were incorporated throughout the stand using a combination of silicone edge graphics and vinyl wraps. This ensured a professional and visually captivating presentation that effectively conveyed Runners World's brand message.
  4. Functional Counter: A custom-built counter provided a designated space for staff to interact with attendees, answer questions, and distribute promotional materials.


By selecting a sustainable and adaptable exhibition stand design, Runners World successfully achieved their goals at the NEC Birmingham event. The eco-friendly approach resonated with their brand identity, while the high-quality visuals and functional counter facilitated effective communication with attendees. We look forward to working with Runners World at other UK events in the near future!

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