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RPS | Highways Expo

Venue: NEC Birmingham


RPS, a leading infrastructure solutions provider, aimed to maximise its presence and engagement at the Highways UK exhibition hosted at the NEC Birmingham. With a commitment to showcasing innovation and fostering meaningful connections, RPS opted for a bespoke exhibition stand that not only reflected its brand identity but also facilitated interactions with attendees.

The Challenge

RPS collaborated with our dedicated design team to create a bespoke expo stand tailored to its objectives. The stand featured distinct elements to attract and engage visitors effectively:

  1. Storage Room: A discreet storage room was integrated into the design to maintain tidiness and ensure easy access to promotional materials and equipment.
  2. Custom Counter: A sleek and functional counter served as the focal point for engaging with attendees, providing a designated space for demonstrations, consultations, and networking.
  3. Custom Plinth for Coffee Machines: Recognising the importance of hospitality in fostering relationships, RPS incorporated a bespoke plinth to house coffee machines, offering refreshments and creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  4. Inclusive Amenities: The stand design included essential amenities such as carpeting, tables, and chairs, enhancing comfort for both visitors and staff throughout the event.
  5. Multimedia Integration: To showcase RPS's capabilities and projects effectively, an 80” TV was mounted on the back wall, displaying dynamic presentations and videos to captivate the audience.
  6. Illumination: LED downlighters were strategically installed to illuminate the back wall of the custom exhibition stand, creating an inviting ambiance and highlighting key features and branding elements.


By investing in a bespoke stand design at the Highways Expo at NEC Birmingham, RPS successfully elevated its presence, engagement, and overall impact at the event. The tailored approach to stand design, incorporating innovative features and inclusive amenities, underscored RPS's commitment to excellence and positioned it as a leader in the infrastructure solutions industry.

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