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Venue: Chelsea Flower Show

The Grandeur of Chelsea

The Chelsea Flower Show, held annually in London, is a prestigious event showcasing the finest in horticulture. This renowned exhibition attracts a global audience of gardening enthusiasts, industry professionals, and members of the British Royal Family.

Gardens Illustrated Takes Root

Understanding the significance of this premier event, Gardens Illustrated Magazine prioritised a sustainable and visually captivating presence at the Chelsea Flower Show. Partnering with Instant Exhibitions, they created an eco-friendly exhibition stand that resonated with their brand values and effectively captured the audience's attention.

Sustainable Design:

  1. Reusable Elements: A core principle of the stand design was reusability. Instant Exhibitions incorporated eco-friendly, modular components that could be utilised for multiple years at the Chelsea Flower Show, minimising waste and environmental impact.
  2. Living Art Installation: A unique focal point was a 40kg living ball of flowers, meticulously cultivated for over two years. This awe-inspiring display not only embodied the essence of Gardens Illustrated but also served as a testament to their commitment to sustainable gardening practices.

Functionality and Engagement:

  1. Custom Elements: Instant Exhibitions crafted a custom counter for staff interaction with visitors, along with custom wall-mounted planters designed by the company itself.
  2. Technological Integration: A strategically placed TV allowed Gardens Illustrated to showcase their magazine content and further engage the audience.
  3. Interactive Feature: To promote subscriptions and generate excitement, the team offered complimentary umbrellas in exchange for sign-ups.


Gardens Illustrated's bespoke exhibition stand at the Chelsea Flower Show effectively merged environmental consciousness with captivating design. The focus on reusability and the stunning living flower installation resonated with the event's ethos and solidified the magazine's position as a leading voice in sustainable gardening. This strategic approach not only garnered attention but also facilitated meaningful connections with potential readers and industry professionals.

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