InstaLight Light Box - 3m (W) x 2.5m (H)

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InstaLight, the UK's leading brand of portable LED Lightboxes for exhibitions and events.

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InstaLight Lightboxes combine stunning fabric graphics with a user-friendly design, making them the perfect solution to grab attention and showcase your brand at events and exhibitions.

These lightboxes feature powerful, energy-efficient LED lights that ensure your graphics shine brightly and captivate attendees. The lightweight, tool-free frame clicks together for a seamless set-up process, saving you valuable time on installation.

InstaLight Lightboxes utilise premium, wrinkle-free silicone edge graphics (SEG) to create a smooth, polished look and ensure your message is delivered flawlessly.

Lightbox Features

  • Illuminated display with bright LED lights
  • Integrated LED lights inside each frame section
  • Edge to edge sublimation printed graphics
  • Double sided printing included in all pricing
  • Simple click together frame system with SEG graphics
  • 5 year light box frame warranty
  • 100% tool-free setup
  • UL Listed

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InstaLight mobile lightboxes feature advanced LED lighting technology with an easy tool-free frame design that’s finished with premium silicone edge graphics (SEG). The innovative lighting system is integrated into each profile and all wiring is hidden from sight - InstaLight is the finest self-install light box system in the UK.

The InstaLight frame features a simple click together design and each part is clearly numbered making the installation process a breeze. Once the light box frame is setup simply attach the seamless wrinkle free SEG graphics and connect the power! Each InstaLight light box is supplied in a padded foam cut wheeled storage bag to help protect your display between exhibitions & events.

InstaLight Light Boxes are perfect for exhibitions, events and retail promotions where you need a quick and easy self install solution that will help you stand out from the crowd. Click the Videos tab above to see just how easy it is for one person to setup an InstaLight Light Box in less than 30 minutes.

What are SEG Graphics?

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are the latest in large format fabric graphics for trade show booths, backdrops and displays. Each printed graphic is finished with a 12mm silicone bead on all sides, and this bead slides into a recessed groove around the edge of each lightbox - this new technology results in a seamless wrinkle-free large format graphic!

For best results install the SEG bead in each corner by pressing the bead into the lightbox frame's groove. Once each corner is in place you can press the edge bead into the frame, working from the outside in towards the middle.

More Information
Types Backdrops, Light Boxes
InstaLight Range (m)Packing Size_Hardware (mm)Weight (KG)
1m x 1m Counter 420x205x1120 16
1m x 2.25m 470x175x1320 17.5
1m x 2.5m 470x175x1320 18
2m x 2.25m 470x225x1320 24
2m x 2.5m 470x225x1320 26
3m x 2.25m 470x270x1320 26.5
3m x 2.5m 470x270x1320 29.5
5.85 x 2.25m 470x270x1320 and 470x225x1320 (2 boxes) 53
Tv Bracket (Only works on 1m width hardware) 165x50x1250 2.4
Display Rack (Only works on 1m width hardware) 80x50x1030 0.8
Shelf 310x40x1030 2
Templates 3m x 2.5m

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