Venue: Glasgow to Bristol Roadshow


EE and BT, two leading telecommunications providers in the UK, embarked on a collaborative roadshow to promote their high-speed broadband services across shopping centers in Glasgow and Bristol. Understanding the importance of captivating audience attention, they partnered with Instant Exhibitions to design a bespoke stand that facilitated interactive experiences and effectively conveyed their brand message.

Bridging the Gap

The centerpiece of the stand was a unique bridge structure featuring seamlessly integrated TV screens on both sides. This innovative design not only symbolized the connection offered by their broadband services but also provided a dynamic platform for showcasing content and engaging visitors. The entire bespoke stand was wrapped in high-quality, silicone edge fabric graphics.

To boost audience engagement and generate excitement, Instant Exhibitions designed and built a custom wire buzzer game. This interactive element incentivized participation, drawing visitors into the stand and fostering connections with brand representatives. Fast-moving, custom LED lighting was strategically integrated around the stand's exterior. This eye-catching feature served as a beacon, attracting attention and ensuring the stand wouldn't go unnoticed amongst the bustling shopping center environment. A bespoke branded carpet further enhanced the overall aesthetic and provided a welcoming space for visitor interaction.


EE and BT's bespoke roadshow stand, designed and built by Instant Exhibitions, transcended the limitations of a typical exhibition booth. The interactive elements, coupled with the visually striking design, fostered a memorable experience for visitors and successfully conveyed the brands' commitment to connecting communities with high-speed internet services. This strategic approach not only generated brand awareness but also facilitated valuable interactions with potential customers across multiple locations.

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